Hari Ramchandra E-Auctioneers (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Sale by Public Auction (Open Auction)

Occasionally, when looking at an auction catalogue some of the items have been withdrawn. Usually these goods have been sold by 'private treaty'. This means that the goods have already been sold off, usually to a trader or dealer on a private, behind-the-scenes basis before they have had a chance to be offered at the auction sale. These goods are rarely in single lots – photocopiers or fax machines would generally be sold in bulk lots.

Sale Listing : The product can be listed in our Sale Listing section for purchase and sale.

Sale of Goods : Goods purchased through various auction will be taken for Resal

Negotiated Sale : This will be done by H R Auctioneers on behalf of our clients. Here H R Auctioneers will be holding the selling rights from the Seller.