Hari Ramchandra E-Auctioneers (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Biding Process

On-line auctions offer buyers and sellers of a wide variety of goods an enormous platform for trade. They offer buyers a virtual flea market, with an endless range of merchandise from around the world, and they give sellers a store front from which to market everything from sports memorabilia to computer systems to millions of international buyers. It includes national retailers auctioning off excess inventory or services.

Must Be Registered User

If you are interested in on-line auction then you must register on auction web portal. Registration for member like bidder or seller is mandatory . After using your own authentication you can put bid from your own account. Each bidder or seller must go through registration process. Every bidder or seller can register their account only one time and this account you can use each time for different online auction. Registration is the easy process and its mandatory.


The party offering to buy an asset from a seller at a specific price. A bidder can be an individual or organization, and the potential purchase can be part of a multi party transaction or an auction. In most cases, the party selling the asset chooses the bidder who offers the highest price. Bidders are an essential component of a functioning market. By indicating the amount they are willing to pay for something, bidders signal to the market whether demand is increasing or decreasing. High demand may prompt more sellers to enter the market, and can increase the price that sellers are able to garner.

Features :

Instant Bidding Process.
Auto bidding process
Can See Bidding History